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Your party includes your choice of four of our speciality pizzas, and  any of our traditional toppings. Party includes house salad, dressings, and condiments and your choice of dessert, including gelato, Italian ice, or our apple pizza pie. The apple pizza pie is a pizza crust with apple pie filling, cheddar cheese and vanilla ice cream on top, served warm.  


Hot Wheels Race Track

Race on our fifteen foot, gravity propelled two lane Hot Wheels track!



Our custom three tiered candy table is available to sweeten any party. Our table, draped with white cloth and decorative lights, features an assortment of candy filled jars with custom made stickers for your party!



Our complimentary sound system provides music for your event. Features a 25,000 song jukebox. Available Mid-Summer


T-Shirts, Hats, Commemorative Hot Wheels Car

Pizza One Truck t-shirts, hats, and hot wheels cars are available to purchase.


Pizza Pizza